Kevin Hollingsworth
(909) 469-6999


"I have been with LHREM for over 10 years. My manager Josh has always shown professionalism at the highest level from the simplest to the most difficult of circumstances. Love LHREM!" - Eduardo Almonte

"My experience on knowing and living in a house managed by Cinthia. She's trustworthy, compassionate, and a genuinely good person. I have dealt with multiple management teams in the past. I am pleased to say Cinthia is by far an amazing to person to work with. I recommend her 100%" - Jeff N.

"Since hiring LHREM over 10 years ago, they have been nothing but excellent. Josh is my go-to guy for any issues. One Sunday morning I received a call from one of my many tenants that his water heater decided to leak. There was no hot water left. I called Josh mid morning and within 30 minutes I had a plumber there. The day was saved in a few hours! Thanks Josh for all of the fantastic service through the years!" - Mr. B

"Kevin and Josh's understanding of plumbing, electrical, and basic home construction gives owners peace of mind." - Richard Des Roche Licenced General Contractor

"LHREM understands it is important to protect their owners and not vendor hop. We have worked with LHREM for about 15 years." - ADR Garage Door