For service requests in homeowner association communities, call our office during business hours at 909-469-6999 or send an emal to For service requests in rental properties, call our office during business hours at 909-469-6999 or send an e-mail to In the event of an emergency after hours, and the problem is truly an emergency, that is, if it cannot wait until the next business day, please call 909-972-1414. The operator will attempt to contact us. If you are unable to reach someone on our staff, and the matter is a true emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, you may call a local and reputable repair service. Generally, emergencies are limited to broken water pipes and sewage overflows. Remember, tenants are responsible for all drain stoppages such as toilet overflows caused by foreign objects or excess toilet paper, as well as clooged drains (unless the plumbing is defective). For all other emergencies for which you are unable to reach us, you are free to hire a reputable tradesman to perform the repair. We will credit your cost in the rent payment IF the repair was truly an emergency.


1. Who do I call if my furnace or gas appliances don't work, or if I smell gas?
The Gas Company will light pilots and inspect furnaces and gas appliances at no charge. The technician will advise you if the equipment needs repair, in which case you can contact our office.

2. What if I see spiders, insects such as ants, cockroaches, or bedbugs, or rodents?
If such pests are present in your residence, and is beyond your control, we will arrange for professional treatment. However, if lack of adequate housekeeping causes the infestation, the tenant is responsible for treatment and control. We will not treat for outdoor rodents and pests.

3. Who is responsible for broken windows?
Generally, in most cases, the tenant is responsible for broken windows including windows broken by friends and acquaintances of the tenant. Broken windows must be promptly repaired by a qualified tradesman at the tenant's cost.

4. What if I want to bring in a roommate?
A tenant must receive a management approval to add a roommate. In most cases, an additional roommate will be approved as long as the prospective roommate completes an application, pays the screening fee, has no criminal or eviction history, and the additional occupant does not cause the occupancy limits to be exceeded. Sometimes, a slight rent increase will be imposed due to the additional wear and tear.

5. What if the final day of the grace period falls on a weekend or holiday?
Rent is due on the due date, and is considered late if paid after the due date. For those tenancies that offer a grace period, if the final day of the grace period falls on a weekend or holiday, the late charge will apply if the rent is received AFTER the end of the next business day.

6. If the post office loses my rent payment, do I still have to pay a late fee?
We are not responsible for checks lost in the mail. However, if a tenant has a good payment record, we will generally waive a late fee one time only for checks lost in the mail. Remeber, rent can be paid on-line via our website. 

7. If I pay a partial rent payment, do I still have to pay a late fee?
The late fee applies if the entire rent is not paid by the end of the grace period. However, depending on the tenant's payment history and how short the rent payment is, we will consider waiving a portion of the rent payment.

8. Where do I mail rent or HOA dues payments? 
PO Box 37, San Dimas, Ca. 91773 

9. Can I pay my rent or dues payment in person?
Yes. Our office can accept rent payments Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. For your convenience, we have a secure after-hours rent drop box at the front of our office. 

10. Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes. Credit card payments are accepted by our on-line payment service (PayLease).

11. Can I pay my rent or HOA dues on-line on-line?
Yes. Call our office to obtain an account number. Once you have the account number, just go to our website and click on "Pay Rent On-Line".

12. Who is responsible for damage to my possessions caused by a leaking roof or broken water pipe, etc.?
Regardless of fault, a landlord is not responsible for any damage to or theft of a tenant's personal property. Please refer to our "Renter's Insurance" page.

13. Can I change my locks?
Yes, at your cost and you must give us a key.

14. One of my roommates moved out. Am I still responsible for their share of the rent?
Yes. Each approved tenant is responsible for the entire rent.

15. Am I entitled to the interest on my security deposit?
Landlords are not required by law to pay interest to a tenant for their security deposit. In addition, all money is held in a Trust Account which are forbidden by law to earn interest.

16. Is smoking allowed?
All of our rental agreements prohibit indoor smoking on ANY substance, including medical marihuana. Outdoor smoking is permitted (unless prohibited by law). 

17. Can I paint the interior walls?
In most cases, yes. However, prior approval is needed, and the landlord must approve the color and texture (provide a color chip). In addition, the work must be performed in a professional manner. Unless prior arrangements are made, the landlord will not reimburse the cost of the paint.

All vehicles must be in operating condition and currently registered (unless a garage is available to store such a vehicle).
Vehicles leaking fluids are prohibited.
Tenants in single family homes are responsible for broken, clogged, or misadjusted sprinkler heads.
If there are any signs of a moisture problem, the tenant MUST notify us IMMEDIATELY.